Let's Explore The Best Entertainment Spots In Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

Entertainment is an essential part of our daily lives and a great way to relieve stress, to unwind – and why not to get to know a new culture in a place you’re visiting? Plovdiv is undoubtedly one of the best places to be this year and it is often referred to as Europe’s fastest-growing cultural hub. This charming little city boasts ancient history, modern culture, incredible sites and many new and exciting venues for eating, hanging out and of course – entertainment! This is precisely why we wanted to show you how to have fun while in Plovdiv! We’ve handpicked some of the very best venues that are part of the City Card Platform where you can go and let the good times roll next time you’re in town!

Morning: Old Plovdiv Retro Photo & Woodcarver Resbara

Quick breakfast stop…

Multi Culti is one of the best venues in town where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or brunch. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the trendiest neighbourhood in Plovdiv – the Kapana District! You can enjoy your meal in a stylish setting inside or in the outdoor area during the warmer months where you can soak in the laid back atmosphere of the city.

Multi Culti is well known for its creative approach to food so expect some interesting culinary creations! Breakfast options include freshly baked croissants, homemade cakes, sweets, Börek (baked filled pastries).

Tip: Go for the cake with French butter and blueberries, a buttery croissant or the soda cakes with cheese and you won’t be disappointed! Late breakfast? Perhaps you’d rather enjoy one of their signature dishes such as the delicious Eggs Benedict or a light snack such as the Japanese salad with seafood. As for beverages expect some exceptionally great coffee, freshly squeezed juices, homemade lemonades and many more.

With Plovdiv City Card you get a 20% discount on Eggs Benedict at Multi Culti!

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Old Plovdiv Retro Photo

Old Plovdiv Retro Photo

It’s always nice to immerse yourself in the culture of a new place and have something to take away with you that commemorates the incredible experience. At Old Plovdiv Retro Photo you can do just that! You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the old customs and traditions of the Bulgarian people by getting dressed in authentic costumes and accessories!

What else? The talented photographers on set will make sure they capture the moment for you so you can take home a truly original souvenir – a framed photo in a unique retro style, as well as a coloured version of it. Not only that but you will also receive a digital copy of the entire photo shoot that will be sent to your email (10-15 photos). You can find Old Plovdiv Retro Photo in the heart of the Old Town in Plovdiv.

With Plovdiv City Card you get 10% off a traditional Bulgarian photoshoot at Old Plovdiv Retro Photo!

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Woodcarver Resbara

Woodcarver Resbara

Bulgarian people have long been known across the Balkans for their amazing craftsmen and trading skills. Some of the best-known crafts that were popular in Plovdiv and the region during the 18th – 19th centuries include the production of multicoloured woollen embroidery, fabrics, rugs, traditional folk clothing, pottery, and copper work. Wood carving and furniture were also a large part of it – there are still venues (mostly in the Old Town) that continue to actively practice these traditions.

At Woodcarver Resbara you can enrol for a lesson in woodcarving or gold plating and learn all about the craft, as well as have your newly acquired skills tested at the end. The workshop venue is part of the “Street of Crafts” in Old Plovdiv and is actually one of the few woodcarvers in Plovdiv. To make the experience even more unique you will get to take your creation home with you!

Plovdiv City Card brings you 2 offers here: 5 BGN off a workshop on gilding a processed item or alternatively, 5 BGN off a wood carving workshop.

Tip: If you’d like to learn more about the region’s traditions, customs and habits stop by the Ethnographic Museum.

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Noon: Glassblowing Studio & Photo Studio Classic

Glassblowing Studio

Glassblowing Studio, Plovidv

Another really fun thing you can do while in the Old Town is to stop by the Glassblowing Studio. The atelier is located literally steps away from the Woodcarver Resbara and it’s a great place to enjoy yet another workshop – this time focusing on the amazing craft of glassblowing! You will learn how to make handmade glass ornaments from glass tubes heated by a gas burner.

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Photo Studio Classic

Photo Studio Classic, Plovdiv

Ready for another photo shoot? Photo Studio Classic focuses on creating digital collages using green screen techniques and lot of creativity! The studio offers various thematic photo sessions, such as dressing up in authentic Bulgarian costumes in different environments typical of Bulgarian folklore. The result? You get to go home with incredibly fun photographs and a unique experience to remember!

You can choose between a magnet, a collage or a framed photo with your image on the backdrop of the historic Old Plovdiv! Have ideas? The staff is more than happy to experiment and bring your vision into the photoshoot.

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While in the area…

Plovdiv Old Town

We highly recommend that you take a stroll down the Old Town of Plovdiv. It’s one of the best places to visit if you want to learn about the rich history of the city. The architectural reserve is often referred to as a ‘living museum’ where you can visit multiple museums, galleries and of course, the stunning National Revival houses that are true architectural masterpieces! The charming cobblestone streets will take you along a journey going back through thousands of years of history and you can see some incredible Roman remains such as the Ancient Theatre!

Tip: City Card holders should keep in mind that they can visit many sites in the Old Town for free. These include the Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Gallery, Balabanov House, the Ancient Theatre and the Stepan Hindlyan House.

Suggestions for lunch…

There are quite a few places inside the Old Town where you stop by for a quick lunch and the Citizens’ Club Restaurant is amongst the best. The charming restaurant serves authentic Bulgarian cuisine and it happens to be located at the foot of the Old Town – just the perfect place if you’re really hungry from all the sightseeing.

Citizens' Club Restaurant, Plovdiv

With Plovdiv City Card you’ll get a free draft beer or a glass of wine!

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Afternoon: Excalibur Bowling Bar & Karting Track Lauta

Excalibur Bowling Bar and Karting Track Lauta are amongst the best places to have fun and get your adrenaline pumping while in Plovdiv! Both venues are popular spots for hanging out for both locals and visitors of the city.

Excalibur Bowling Bar

A bowling game is a perfect way to spend some time with our friends and family, unwind and have some good ol’ fun! Excalibur Bowling Bar is the first bowling centre in Plovdiv with 8 runs, 2 of which are adapted for children. The venue also features 5 pool tables where you can enjoy a game of billiards, some arcade games and a table for air hockey which is super competitive but very fun indeed! At the cocktail bar, you can order all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Plovdiv City Card gives you 10% off bowling & billiards at Excalibur Bowling Bar!

Karting Track Lauta

If you’re a fan of Go karting why not pop in at Karting Track Lauta? The track is currently one of the biggest and most modern karting venues all of Bulgaria and the perfect place to get some adrenaline pumping through your veins. The impressive track is over 870 meters long so you can enjoy doing as many laps as you like without any interruption! You can choose from a great selection of go-karts which also feature options for children.

Plovdiv City Card gives you 10% off karting at Karting Track Lauta!

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Evening: Domus Rebus Escape Room & Morado Premium Club

Domus Rebus Escape Room

Domus Rebus Escape Room, Plovdiv

Escape Rooms are great fun for the entire family and especially for those who are keen on solving puzzles as well as pushing their skills to the limit. If you’re up for a challenge you should definitely consider visiting Domus Rebus – House of Mystery in the centre of Plovdiv.

There are two challenges available and you will have to show your skills in team play to get out before the time runs out! Tried and tested by our team, the House of Cards escape room will keep you on your toes until the very last moment!

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Suggestions for dinner…

Central Park Restaurant, Plovdiv

Restaurant Central Park – Garden of Tsar Simeon is the ideal stop for a quick dinner in the centre of the city. The venue is located right next to the beautiful Garden of Tsar Simeon and is well known amongst locals and visitors of the city. The design of the restaurant is incredibly stylish so you can dine in an elegant yet cosy setting – the garden area is simply stunning during the warmer months!

What to try here:

The menu of the restaurant is simple but offers an amazing variety of dishes, with generous portions and reasonable prices. Go for the pork fillets with mashed potatoes, stewed broccoli, carrots and lemon sauce. How about a rich and filling salad? Try the Balkan salad and you won’t be disappointed. It’s a unique mix of peeled tomatoes, roasted peppers, eggplant and marinated cheese, garnished with dried tomatoes, parsley, garlic and kalamata olives.

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Let’s wrap the day up with an amazing drink…

Morado Premium Club

Morado Club, Plovdiv

Morado Premium Club is one of the most popular venues in town where young people like to hang out in the evening, enjoying some music and a drink with their friends or family. The venue features 2 floors of cosy seating area, both of which offer a great view of the Garden of Tsar Simeon as well as the Singing Fountains. The atmosphere is pleasant, the music’s great and on the menu, you’ll find a wide range of drinks such as cocktails, whiskey, wine, beer and many more. The food menu offers light snacks and salads that go perfectly with a drink and some company!

Tip: Morado Premium Club is situated right next to the famous Singing Fountains and during the warmer months you will have the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular light show which takes place there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from 21:30.

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As you can see there are plenty of places around Plovdiv where you can go and enjoy yourself to the fullest! With Plovdiv City Crd you will get to experience the fun side of Plovdiv in a way you’re not likely to ever forget!