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The Regional Museum of Natural History opened in 1955 in the former municipality in Plovdiv. The first exhibitions of the museum were rich collections from the former French College of St. Augustine.

Today, thanks to the expositions in the departments of Paleontology, Mineralogy and Botanica, the museum has become one of the most significant in the country.

The exposition of the Regional Museum of Natural History - Plovdiv is a combination of two components - 8 main halls and live exposition.

In the main halls are displayed systematically arranged exhibits from all over the world. These are the halls: Minerals, Paleontology (new hall built in 2016), Botanica, Invertebrates, Pisces, Amphibians and Reptiles, Birds and Mammals. The displays are expanded in volume in order to recreate the natural habitats of the species as closely as possible.

The emphasis of the terrarium is the donated in 2015 - 2.5 meter Nile crocodile and two near 5-meter Burmese pythons. The whole new exposure is strongly tied to multimedia and interactive modules that are as user-friendly as possible and from which you can get enough information about all the exhibits.

Why visit?

You can see a variety of living tropical butterflies that fly freely amidst real plants from the southern countries

There's a living beehive in one of the expositions - the bees can exit the building via a small opening in the wall to gather pollen in the nearby park

The skeleton you can see opposite the entrance is not a dinosaur - it's a real cave bear, recently recovered by speleologists near the city of Peshtera

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