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The house in which the Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Gallery is housed was built in 1860. Its owner was Dr. Stoyan Chomakov (1817-1893), an important Bulgarian Revival figure and one of the most prominent fighters for church independence. He is also among the first graduate doctors in Plovdiv.

The building itself is a typical example of the late symmetrical Renaissance houses. A curious fact is that at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century the house was a summer residence of Prince Ferdinand.

Since 1984 the emblematic house has been transformed into a permanent exhibition for the paintings of one of the most famous Bulgarian artists - Zlatyu Boyadzhiev.

His work covers two major periods, separated by the year 1951, when he suffered a severe stroke that paralyzed the right half of his body. In a few years, he began painting with his left hand.

His first artistic period is characterized by composing scenes from the countryside. In the second period, style is radically changed to grotesque imagery and expressive color.

Why visit?

Apart from paintings of the brilliant artist, the gallery also exhibits his diary - full of technical sketches and a note to younger people to learn more about art

Zlatyu Boyadjiev used to paint mostly famous people, but sometimes he sourced his models from the regular people who visited the so called 'milk bar', a popular venue at the time

Look for the 'hidden centre' in some of the artist's paintings - an object which complements the overall composition but is not the main focus

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