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The "Ivan Vazov" National Library is a universally accessible multidisciplinary library with a fund of 1,925,000 library documents. Annually there are more than 120,000 patron visits and approximately 295,000 library documents are loaned. The Library has a rich universal fund of scientific literature, fiction, manuscripts, paleotypes, old printed, rare and valuable publications, rich reference books, Bulgarian and foreign periodicals, audiovisual and electronic documents, original works of art and personal libraries.

The National Library "Ivan Vazov" in Plovdiv performs the functions of a second national repository and contributes to the preservation of the Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage. 

At the library, two cultural centres operate - Deutscher Lesesaal and American Space. There is also a Digital Center, Conservation and Restoration Laboratory, Publishing House, Bindery and a Digital Printing Office.

The Library has the ambition to pursue the development the digitization process of its funds by investing in equipment and labour resources to ensure the maintenance of a stable, efficient and flexible digital platform with freely available resources for all citizens.

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