5 Places In Plovdiv Beer-lovers Shouldn’t Miss

Bulgaria might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “beer”. But did you know that our beer brewing tradition goes back as far as 1850? This is a few years older than the modern Bulgarian state! In fact, nowadays Bulgaria is 25th in the world and 12th in Europe on beer consumption per capita. What about beer in Plovdiv, you may ask? It’s undoubtedly one of the leaders in Bulgaria – both in beer production and in beer trends. Our very own Kamenitsa brewery was founded in 1881. Until recently the factory was an integral part of the Plovdiv urban landscape, and a part of its building is now a beer museum.

Now, when it comes to beer chill, the uncontested leader in Plovdiv is Kapana Creative District. No day in Kapana is complete without people relaxing on the street and chilling out with their friends. And the best time of the year are the days of street festivals – just imagine the tempting sight of condensation-covered beer glasses floating around in the hands of cheery party-goers. And even if you are in town on a peaceful day, with no festivals going on, you can still enjoy a fine selection of cold amber-brew. Here are the 5 places in Plovdiv any beer lover should not miss.


1890 Bar, Plovdiv

1890 Bar, picture source: facebook.com/1890CafeBarTerrace

This charming little place is located in Kapana Creative District. It has a small but fine selection of bottled beers. If you prefer draught, you can enjoy a jug of Hills – one of the popular local craft brands, produced in the nearby town of Perushtitsa. An added bonus of the place is that it is one of the very few in Kapana which has a lovely open balcony. It is located over a quiet back street, where you can hide from the hot Plovdiv sun in the summer and chill with the beer of your choice.

Cat & Mouse

Cat and Mouse Craft Beer Bar, Plovdiv

Cat and Mouse Craft Beer Bar, picture source: facebook.com/Cat.and.Mouse.Craft.Beer.Bar

This is definitely one of the best beer places in town. Cat and Mouse is a special place for craft beer lovers and offers a selection of over 150 beers from various countries, including some wonderful Bulgarian highlights. It has the added charm of a hip vintage atmosphere and the great advantage of being located on one of the main pedestrian streets of the Kapana neighbourhood.


Jägerhof, Plovdiv

Jägerhof, picture source: facebook.com/jagerhofhausbrauerei

Do you know that Plovdiv has its own Bavarian pub? Well, it may not be traditional, but the beer is certainly delicious! It is brewed on-site and you can even see for yourself how your drink is prepared. All of this is combined with mouth-watering wurster and sauerkraut. The pub and brewery are quite spacious and are located in the Trakia neighbourhood – a few kilometres from the city centre and an easy ride by taxi or bus. While it is not exactly on the mainstream tourist’s itinerary route, it is definitely worth going out of your way to visit this special Bulgarian-Bavarian beer pub.

Beer Stop Pub

BeerStop Pub, Plovdiv

BeerStop Pub, picture source: facebook.com/beerstopplovdiv

Six types of draught beer and 150 bottled varieties to choose from. Do you need any more convincing? All of this, and more, you can find in Beer Stop Pub. The best part? Every month there is a keg of new, never before tasted in Plovdiv, draft beer. It’s located on 16 Otets Paisiy Str., mere metres away from the main pedestrian street of Plovdiv.

Beer Shop

Beer Shop, Plovdiv

Beer Shop, picture source: facebook.com/Биршоп-В-света-на-биратаПловдивBeershop-In-the-Beers-World-Plovdiv-145030886126468

Just visited Beer Stop and loved the ale so much you want to get a few bottles as gifts for your friends at home? You have to just cross the street. There you will find the Beer Shop! Their selection is just as fine as the pub across the street and this is the perfect place to stop by if you just want to get a bottle of beer on the go or a practical souvenir to bring back home.

Congratulations! You have now been initiated in the most cherished secret of local beer-lovers: the 5 best beer bars and pubs in Plovdiv! If you’re also a fan of good wine, why not take the Urban Wine Trail tour? It’s free with Plovdiv City Card and will grant you 4 degustations at different locations. Cheers!

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