Best Burger Spots In Plovdiv

Plovdiv has been gradually growing in the past years and more so ever since the city became the Capital of Culture in 2019. This new wave of growth has brought forth many new ideas, events, festivals and of course new businesses into town. The trendy district of Kapana has been the city’s new hub for all things creative – from unique, delicious cuisine to boutique shops and cafes. When it comes to burgers, you can bet the locals take a pretty creative approach to crafting everyone’s favourite on the go food. Here are the top burger spots in Plovdiv where you can go and enjoy a delicious treat!

Skaptobara 2

Skaptobara 2 Plovdiv

Skaptobara 2 Plovdiv, picture source:

According to locals and tourists, Skaptobara is the place where you can eat the most delicious burgers in town! This cosy restaurant is located in the very heart of the Kapana district.

Skaptobara 2 has earned the number 1 spot on TripAdvisor as the best restaurant in Plovdiv. The burger chain originally started in the capital Sofia, eventually expanding and opening a branch in Plovdiv. Their award-winning burgers are very creative and offer tasty combinations of ingredients that really bring out the flavour of the food. The beef is cooked perfectly, toppings are carefully portioned to compliment but not overwhelm the burger…

The Burgers

Their classic Skaptoburger is a good start. It has all the best stuff in it – amazing beef patty, bacon, cheddar, onion, veggies and their signature sauce.

How about a vegetarian option? Obi Wan Quinoabi is a veggie burger made with a quinoa patty and it’s just as delicious as the rest.

The Fries

The restaurant also offers an amazing selection of fries. Try the cheddar fries with jalapenos or the french fries with ranch sauce.

The Craft Beer

You can enjoy a cold, craft beer with your meal. There’s a wide range of beers to choose from so you will not be disappointed.

Tip: Skaptobara 2 works with local takeaway services so you can get your food delivered to your door (they’re pretty quick so your burger won’t get cold along the way). They also offer an option for order and pick up from the restaurant, whenever it suits you.

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My Place Burger Bar

My Place Burger Bar

My Place Burger Bar, picture source:

Time for yet another burger bar straight from the heart of the Kapana District – My Place Burger Bar. If you want to try some pretty interesting and unconventional combinations, then this is the place for you. One of the bar’s latest additions is the ‘’Surf & Turf Burger’’, which is a unique blend of beef, king prawns, rocket and the amazing Marie Rose sauce. Their tasty brioches are made on the spot and the restaurant likes to add veggies such as courgettes, red cabbage and plenty of caramelised onions to their burgers.

What to try?

There is a vegan burger available for those who’d rather enjoy a meat-free meal. And if you liked your burger enough to come back for a second try, do check out their new plate of duck with mashed potato and blueberry. It’s just as delicious! You can also try the local wine brand ‘Zagreus’ here. Their wines are of amazing quality and are also quite affordable.

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Tam’s House

Tam's House Plovdiv

Tam’s House Plovdiv, picture source:

Although the restaurant doesn’t necessarily specialise in the craft of buns and beef, you can be sure their burgers don’t fall behind in quality. Tam’s House currently holds the number 1 stop as the best restaurant in Plovdiv, according to TripAdvisor. Locals and visitors simply can’t get enough of the unique and delicious cuisine here.

What we recommend

The Black Angus Burger (the bun is topped with extra butter). What else to go with that? Tasty IPA beer from Plovdiv and the pleasant sound of jazz music! Tam’s House can be found in the Kapana district and has a lovely, outdoor seating area where you can sit and soak in the atmosphere of the city.

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Torro Grande

Torro Grande Restaurant, Plovdiv

Torro Grande Restaurant, picture source:

Torro Grande is well known across town for its top-notch food and excellent service. It’s located close to the centre and it gets pretty busy especially during weekends. The burger menu is not really large but again, the emphasis remains on quality. The restaurant only uses fresh, ground beef and carefully selects all the finest and freshest ingredients.

They have a large sushi menu which is said to be one of the best in town, and many other Mediterranean classics. The steakhouse menu is equally impressive, with plenty of BBQ dishes as well as other meat specialities.

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There are certainly enough spots in town where you can enjoy a delicious burger so make sure to try some of them the next time you visit Plovdiv! And if you fancy a few insider tips on the things to see and do around town, Plovdiv City Card will help you with that!

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