Ideas For Trips In Bulgaria: 5 Breathtaking Natural Wonders

For those of you who like to travel and experience nature – you should certainly consider visiting Bulgaria! Why? The country’s been long praised for its incredibly rich and unique nature. There are more than 10 protected UNESCO sites in Bulgaria – many of them the only one of their kind! And if that’s not enough, the many nature reserves, mountain peaks, lakes and caves will satisfy even the fussiest of travellers. If you need ideas for trips while visiting, here are 5 natural wonders in Bulgaria that will (literally) take your breath away!

1/ Ledenika Cave

Ledenika cave, Bulgaria

Ledenika Cave is one of the most beautiful and most visited caves in Bulgaria. It’s located in the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park in the vicinity of Vratsa. During spring and winter, crystal icicles cover this natural landmark and it’s an absolutely spectacular sight! The abundance of ice sculptures has naturally led to the cave’s name, which in English translates to icy or glacial.

The cave is 300 meters long and has a total of 10 rooms. The most famous part of the cave is the Concert Chamber (an annual concert is held there in honour of the revolutionary and poet Hristo Botev, who gave his life in the fight for liberation from Ottoman rule. The Lake of wishes is also another interesting place inside the cave. Legend has it that if you dip your hand in the water and make a wish, it will come true!

For information about guided tours and prices go to the Website of the Municipality of Vratsa.

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2/ Devil’s Throat Cave

Devil's Throat Cave, Bulgaria

The Devil’s Throat Cave is located in the Western part of the Rhodope Mountains, 17 km from the town of Devin. This geological wonder has earned its fame as a popular tourist destination due to its mysterious nature. The cave’s entrance resembles a devil’s head and down its throat rushes a massive waterfall. The water from the Trigrad River falls from a height of 42 meters down the cave’s throat, making it the highest underground waterfall on the Balkan Peninsula! This part of the cave is called ‘’The Hall of Thunder’’ because of the loud, roaring sound it makes.

There have been numerous legends about the cave since ancient times! It has been said that the cave inspired the tale of Orpheus descending to Hades to find his lover Eurydice. The cave itself is enormous, it is the second largest cavern in Bulgaria!

Visiting the cave requires you to be accompanied by a tour guide, who will lead you through manmade galleries and staircases that lead up along the waterfall. Entry costs as little as 4 lv.

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3/ Orlovo Oko (Eagle’s eye)

Ledenika cave, Bulgaria

Orlovo Oko is a sightseeing platform at the incredible 1563 meters above sea level, next to St Ilia peak in the Rhodope mountains. Just like its name states (an Eagle’s eye), you will be able to experience some of the most amazing views of the beautiful Rhodope mountains, literally from a bird’s eye view. The steel construction rises 670 meters above the magnificent Buynovsko gorge and its long river, so you could very well be breath-taken by all the natural beauty.

There’s a trail that begins at the exit of Yagodina Village so if you follow it in the direction of Trigrad and along the mountain ridge, you’ll reach this picturesque spot in no time!

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4/ Hotnishki waterfall

Hotnishki Waterfalls, Bulgaria

The Hotnishki waterfall, known also as Kaya Bunar, is located just outside the village of Hotnitsa, 14 km from Veliko Tarnovo. Locals and nature lovers frequently visit the waterfall and it’s pretty easy to see why. The waterfall itself is breathtakingly beautiful and the surrounding area makes this spot a great place to come and escape the heat on those summer days.

There is a beautiful eco-trail that begins at the waterfall. It goes up some wooden steps into the rocks and leads to several amazing spots that offer incredible views! The trail’s length is just 1.5 km and winds along the river Bohot. Along the trail, you will pass by some unique rock formations, small water cascades, walk through wooden bridges and you can also explore the thick forests of the region.

After a nice hike, you can enjoy a picnic with friends and family, surrounded by nothing but nature and beauty. Going for a dip in the cool waters of the waterfall is the perfect way to cool off and finish the day.

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5/ Seven Rila Lakes

Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

There’s one particular view in Bulgaria that is certainly capable of taking your breath away… The famous Seven Rila Lakes!

These incredible glacial lakes are over 2000 meters above sea level and are situated in the Rila National Park, the largest protected area in Bulgaria. The lakes are a well-known destination for tourists and in recent years it has become one of the most popular places for one-day hiking tours in the Rila Mountains. The reason? Impressive natural beauty, easy access by chairlift and a wide variety of paths and hiking routes in the area.

The lakes’ interesting names come from what they appear to resemble. Meet The Tear (highest), The Eye, The Kidney, The Twin, The Fish and The Lower Lake. If you’d rather skip the chairlift you certainly won’t be disappointed, too! Hiking to the top will give you a chance to witness wildlife, birds and endangered fauna and flora. If you manage to trek up to the highest lake, you will have the serene view of the seven lakes in their entirety in front of you. This view really makes the trip up there worth it! There are a few chalets and guest houses in the area should you decide to stay for a few days and enjoy the nature. Best time to visit? From late May until September.

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