5 Fairy Tale Places To Visit In Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country with a long history and many natural wonders. No surprise the number of tourists is growing each year, as more and more gorgeous spots become more easily accessible. Mark your map with this list of amazing places to visit in Bulgaria: natural reserves, mountain peaks, eco trails, waterfalls and rich plant/animal life!

1/ Krushuna Waterfalls: аn oasis of beautiful waterfalls with unique, healing properties

Krushuna Waterfalls, Bulgaria

The Krushuna Falls are a series of waterfalls in northern Bulgaria, near the village of Krushuna (34 km from Lovech). They are famous with their picturesque landscape and amazing turquoise waters!

A narrow eco path will take you up some steps and along several bridges, passing through small natural water pools amongst the limestone rocks. The main waterfall is about 20 meters high and it splits into several smaller ones. You can get some really amazing views of the waterfalls from the bridges!

You can even take a swim in a natural mineral pool with a water temperature of 58 °C. The blue-green colour of the water comes from the limestone and is said to have healing properties. Seems like the perfect place to spend a day, right? 

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2/ Marvelous Bridges: а unique natural phenomenon and a symbol of the Rhodope Mountains

Marvelous Bridges, Bulgaria

The Marvelous Bridges (also known as the Wonderful Bridges) are a unique nature sight located in the Western part of the Rhodope Mountains. This incredible natural phenomenon consists of 3 natural bridges above the once bigger Erkyupryia River. The bridges (once a cave) formed due to the erosive activity of the passing river hundreds of millions of years ago!

And if you want to spend a day in nature, the surrounding woodland area is very beautiful and well worth a hike. Both of the bridges can be crossed on secure tourist trails and they offer some spectacular views of the valley! There are some huts nearby and a small restaurant with very nice food. During the summer season, the place also has something for all the daredevils – a zip line that passes between the two bridges. Who says you can’t combine a nature walk with some adrenaline?

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3/ Seven Rila Lakes: еxperience the beauty of Bulgaria on the mountain peaks of Rila mountain

Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

The area of the Seven Rila Lakes is one of the most iconic attractions in Bulgaria, and a ‘’must-visit place” for every foreigner, no matter a hiker or not. Located in the northwestern parts of Rila Mountains, the area is fairly easy to access with many trekking routes. Each glacial lake has its own name with the biggest being ‘’Salzata’’ (the tear) – its crystal clear, blue waters in combination with the mountain peaks offer a truly breathtaking sight!

Once you reach the foot of the mountain, there is a chairlift which takes you to the Lower Lake. From the Lower Lake up to the Lake Mount the path is usually crowded with people so you can’t get lost. The best time to visit the lakes is in summer when the temperature is above 10 degrees Celsius and the risk of sudden storms is lower. If you rather not use the lift and prefer to hike the way up, it will take you 2-3 hours.

Where to spend the night: There are two mountain chalets by the lakes in which tourists can stay, and the nearby village Panichishte or town Sapareva Banya are also good options where you can look for hotels and guesthouses. 

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4/ Prohodna Cave: а unique, natural phenomenon that will leave you full of mystique

Prohodna cave, Bulgaria

Prohodna Cave is a natural cave located in North Central Bulgaria, 2 km away from Karlukovo Village. The cave is a popular tourist attraction due to the unique natural features of the formation. Locals often call the two eye-shaped holes in its central chamber the ‘Eyes of God’’.

The cave is a natural 262 m long rock bridge and has two entrances, a big and a small one. It also happens to be an open place – there is no guide or entrance fee, and you can visit it at any time. Visitors describe staying at the centre of the cave under the God’s Eyes as a truly mystical experience. Some people believe that if you wish something beneath the God’s Eyes, the wish will come true. 

If you’re a fan of extreme sports and in the mood for adventure, this place just got even better. The extreme sports club Adrenaline often organises bungee jumps from the top of the big entrance of Prohodna Cave. It’s also a popular spot for rock climbing. Contact them for events and prices and join in on all the fun!

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5/ The Belogradchik Rocks: unique rock sculptures in the hills of the Western Balkan mountain range

Belogradchik Rocks, Bulgaria

Here, nature sculptured the shapeless stone figures into mythical creatures, people, animals and birds. Local people have given all kinds of strange names to these interesting sculptures through the years. They vary in size and are situated just meters away from each other. The red colour of the rocks contrasts beautifully with the surrounding green forests and valleys.

The Belogradchik Rocks are a popular tourist destination along with the town of Belogradchik and the Belogradchik Fortress.  The fortress was constructed during the time when the region was part of the Roman Empire and is incorporated into the rocks as part of a natural defence system. 

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