Best Vegan And Vegetarian Places In Plovdiv

When it comes to authentic, mouth-watering cuisine, Plovdiv is a true gem. Plovdivians certainly love their food and you can bet they don’t compromise on variety and quality. There are multiple restaurants around town where you can go and enjoy a delicious meal (both traditional and modern) and really get a feel of what the food culture around here is all about. That, of course, includes many options for those who’d rather enjoy their meals meat free! Here are some of the best vegetarian and vegan food places in Plovdiv!

1/ Veggic

Restaurant Veggic in Plovdiv

Restaurant Veggic in Plovdiv, picture source:

Veggic is perhaps one of the first vegan restaurants in Plovdiv so it’s already got a reputation as well as a loyal base of regular customers. The restaurant is located right in the heart of the creative district – Kapana, which happens to be one of the trendiest places in town. You can enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the city at one of the tables outside, basking in the sun.

The restaurant offers an amazing variety of tasty, healthy foods. They also like to change thing up and add new dishes to their lunch menu every day so you can always try something new and exciting! Everything here is cooked with precision, using high-quality ingredients (only fresh seasonal products).

What to try

Go for the burrito Veggic, brown rice with saffron and cashew, or the chickpeas with quinoa and arugula. They’re all delicious!

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2/ The Green Lemon

The Green Lemon Plovdiv

The Green Lemon Plovdiv, picture source:

This is one of the newest vegan restaurants in Plovdiv and you can bet it’s growing in popularity pretty fast. The Green Lemon offers a great selection of vegan dishes as well as many freshly prepared desserts and cakes. Their lunch menu is a real treat, offering all kinds of tasty meat-free dishes that you can try daily.

The interior of the place is quite modern and the atmosphere cosy. You can also buy different healthy and bio foods to take home.

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3/ Pavaj

Restaurant Pavaj Plovdiv

Restaurant Pavaj Plovdiv, picture source:

Pavaj is yet another brilliant dining spot, located in the heart of Kapana. The restaurant won the award for ‘’restaurant of the audience’’ and was declared a favourite place for the citizens of Plovdiv! So why do people here like this place so much? It’s probably got something to do with the amazing food, which includes many traditional classics, recreated with a modern touch.

There are more than enough vegetarian options to enjoy here. Try the famous shopska salad (tomatoes, cucumber, onion and grated feta) or the lentil soup, they’re both delicious!

For reservations call: +359 878 111 876

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4/ Smokini

Smokini Plovdiv

Smokini Plovdiv, picture source:

This is one of the best restaurants in town when it comes to modern cuisine. According to locals, the food here is simply amazing, with generous portions and the prices are just right for the quality you get. The menu is simple but with really nice dishes to choose from. Smokini also offers a lot of vegetarian options so you’ll have no problem enjoying some tasty meat-free delicacies.

What to try

Vegan: For some vegan options try the Hummus and roasted red beet
Vegetarian: Go for the Smokini salad, quinoa with roasted peppers sals or the home-made sheep katak

For reservations call: +359 999 000 996

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As you can see there are plenty of places around Plovdiv where you dine meat-free and enjoy the incredible local cuisine – you can find even more in this guide for foodies in Plovdiv >

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