The Most Romantic Things To Do In Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Vacations are a great time to relax, unwind and catch up on some romance with our partner. Plovdiv’s undeniable charm has already captured the hearts of many of its visitors. The atmosphere, the people, the culture and the spirit of the city have all helped turn Plovdiv into one of the trendiest places in Europe right now! This town is a unique blend of ancient cultures, history, and sites – and exploring it with your loved one will be nothing less than an unforgettable adventure. Here are the best romantic things to do in Plovdiv!

1/ Watch the sunset on Nebet Tepe

Nebet Tepe in Plovdiv

There’s something really special about Nebet Tepe and the significance it bears to the locals around here. The hill (one of the city’s 7 seven hills) is located at the top of the Old Town and it’s actually the original birthplace of Plovdiv. Its history began more than 6000 years when the Thracians first settled in the region. There are still many ruins that can be seen on top of Nebet Tepe and spending time there is a really unique experience.


During the warm months, the spot is a very popular place where the citizens of Plovdiv love to spend time. People often head to the hill with their friends and loved ones, and just enjoy the atmosphere of the city. Nebet Tepe is also a great place to watch a sunset, take some pictures and marvel at the incredible panoramic views of Plovdiv (especially at night). A bottle of wine can make the experience even better than a picnic near the Eiffel Tower!

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2/ Enjoy an intimate meal at a local restaurant

Hebros Restaurant

There are many amazing dining spots in Plovdiv where you can have a romantic dinner with your partner. If you’d prefer to indulge in a fine dining experience and treat yourself and your partner to some truly exquisite cuisine, visit Hebros Restaurant. The restaurant is part of the famous Hebros hotel chain and it has won many awards throughout the years.

Wine drinking in Plovdiv

Everything here is designed to create a unique and unforgettable experience. The atmosphere, the antique decor, furniture, cuisine and the impressive wine list all ensure an amazing night!

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Tarte Flambe

Pizza meal in Plovdiv

Maybe you’d rather go for something more cosy and intimate? Tarte Flambe is just the place! This small restaurant is located in one of the laneways in the amazing Kapana District, not far from the Old town. The interior is very vintage and the seating area is not too big so it’s perfect for a quiet, romantic dinner. The highlight of the place is no doubt the pizza which is incredibly delicious. There is also a good selection of both French and local wines which sell by the glass. 

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3/ Go for a romantic stroll down the garden of Tsar Simeon

Garden of Tsar Simeon

The Garden of Tsar Simeon is one of the most charming places in all of Plovdiv. The park boasts with greenery, long floral lanes, fountains, children’s playgrounds and plenty of areas for recreation. It’s also great for getting some shade during those really hot summer days.

Singing Fountains Plovdiv

The garden is the perfect place to go on a romantic walk during the evening, especially in the warm months. The highlight of the park is the Singing Fountains which are beautifully lit every night. In summer, you and your partner can enjoy the unique light and music show which takes place there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 21:30 (summer only). Want to get a better view while sipping on a cocktail? Morado Premium Club is one of Plovdiv’s most trendy bars and it’s located right in front of the Singing Fountains. The venue also offers some very tasty food and appetizers should you get hungry.

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4/ Stop by the Old Town and go on a journey back in time

Old Town Plovdiv

The Old Town of Plovdiv is certainly one of the most unique places you can visit and enjoy exploring with your partner while in Plovdiv. The architectural and historical reserve is an important symbol of the town and it bears a very special meaning to the locals here. Walking along this ‘’living museum’’, you’ll find traces of past civilizations who once inhabited the Bulgarian lands and the region as far back as the 4th century BC.

Plovdiv Old Town

So what makes this place so special? The Old Town boasts with unique houses from the National Revival era, numerous house museums, galleries, Roman ruins such as the Ancient Theatre (a 2000 year-old-venue still in use today) and Hisar Kapia (one of Plovdiv’s medieval gates). Nebet Tepe also happens to be at the top of the Old Town and throughout the reserve, you’ll find several cafes and restaurants which offer some amazing views. There is even a street for the arts and crafts of the region where you can join in on a workshop or purchase some unique handmade items and antiques.

Woodcarver Resbara on Stramna Street is a great place to visit and learn all about the craft of woodcarving, and sharing this experience with your beloved will be an unforgettable memory!

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5/ Visit the Rowing Channel for a romantic walk (or an exercise session)

Rowing Channel Plovdiv

The Rowing Channel in Plovdiv is probably one of the most romantic places where you and your lover can enjoy an evening stroll. The 2200 meters long rowing base is one of the local’s preferred places for walks, relaxation and getting some exercise done. If you’d rather go for a walk, go up to the bridge in the middle of the base where you can enjoy some incredible views of the base. The spot is quite charming especially at sunset and there you’ll come across the common practice of lovers locking padlocks to the bridge as a symbol of their love.

Along the lanes of the channel, you’ll find a few places that offer beverages, beer and some local deep fried fish. As for exercise, visit the base any time of the day and enjoy a bike ride (there are marked lanes along the entire channel), a run, or even roller skating (very popular here).

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6/ Visit an Escape House if you’re up for a challenge

Escape Room Plovdiv

Perhaps you and your partner prefer to have some fun and put your team skills to the test? Visit Domus Rebus – House of Mystery – the oldest escape house in Plovdiv where you can play a real-time physical game, all while being locked in a room! You will have about an hour to complete each puzzle and collect all the necessary clues in order to get out and win the game. You can choose between 2 different games and play with a group of up to 6 people should you prefer some company!

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7/ Rent a car for a one-day trip outside of Plovdiv

The magnificence of the Rhodope mountains is well known across the entire Balkans and you’ll be surprised by just how much you can see with just a 1-2 hour drive from the city. The region around Plovdiv is full of natural beauty as well as historical sites that will engage you and your partner in one truly amazing adventure.

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo Monastery

Bachkovo monastery is one of the most important monasteries of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. It’s the second biggest in the country after Rila monastery and certainly the most well known and visited one in the Plovdiv region. Why is this an amazing place to visit? Well, centuries of incredible history, miraculous icons, beautiful architecture and oh, did we mention there’s a protected reserve nearby? That’s right, the Red Wall Reserve is just next to the monastery and it’s perfect for walks in nature, ecotourism and you can see rare and protected plant/animal species.

Assen’s Fortress

Asen's Fortress

Why not get a taste of Medieval times in one of the best preserved middle age castles in the country? Asen’s Fortress is just a short 10-minute car ride from Bachkovo and a 40-minute ride (20 km) from Plovdiv. The walk up there is really fun and the views from the fortress are absolutely breathtaking!

The Town of Hisarya

Hisarya Bulgaria

Maybe your idea of romance is a day at the spa? Hisarya is well known for its many healing mineral springs, historic ruins as well as the calm atmosphere. It’s just a 50-minute car ride from Plovdiv (45 km) so you and your partner can enjoy a full day of relaxing and rejuvenating procedures at one of the many spa centres there. While there, explore the ancient ruins of the town – Hisarya was once a very important Roman spa resort.

Renting a car

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There are more than enough places around Plovdiv where you and your partner can enjoy catching up on some romantic time, all while exploring Plovdiv and the region! 

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