The Best Viewpoints In Plovdiv: 5 Spots For Amazing Selfies

Imagine the sun setting over a splendid panorama of a beautiful, ancient city. What more enchanting experience can one wish for? If you are a hunter of stunning views, you should know that Plovdiv has plenty of them – like the hills which are emblematic of the city landscape. Here are the best viewpoints in Plovdiv where you can surely take a selfie to send home!

1/ Nebet Tepe: “The Guard Hill”

Nebet Tepe, Plovdiv

Nebet tepe is one of the six hills of modern-day Plovdiv. It gets its name from the medieval fortress remains dispersed all around it. It is located in the Old Town – the place where our city was born, at a 10-minute walk from the main pedestrian street. Undoubtedly, Nebet tepe has one of the best views over the centre of the city and the district of Kapana.

Since the centre of the city is located to the west, the best time for photos is before noon. And if you are a romantic soul, this is the place to catch some spectacular sunsets.

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2/ Sahat tepe: “The Time Hill”

Clock Tower, Plovdiv
“The time hill” gets its name from the 16th-century clock tower which rises proudly on its top and still announces the hour to locals and guests alike. Rising over the main pedestrian street, it offers a breathtaking view over the centre, the three hills of the Old Town and the Ancient Roman theatre. When the skies are clear, the sun gilds the white marble of the theatre and transforms it into an arcane mirage.

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3/ Kaya Shisha Place

Kaya Shisha Place, Plovdiv

Kaya Shisha Place, picture source:

Located on the top floor of a trading centre on the main street, Kaya Shisha Place is one of those viewing spots that few people know about. It does not reveal a conventional cityscape panorama. All the same, it treats its visitors to one of the most unique viewing points over the longest pedestrian street in Europe! The best place to enjoy the view is the terrace, framed by statues of Hermes.

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4/ The Ancient Theatre

Ancient Theatre, Plovdiv
If you’ve read anything about Plovdiv at all, you surely already know about the Ancient theatre. Discovered as late as the ‘70s of the 20th century, it has quickly become the most widely recognized symbol of Plovdiv. Nestled between two hills, the Ancient theatre provides wonderful acoustics for the concerts taking place inside, and the square at its top reveals one of the most splendid views of Plovdiv and the nearby villages, nestled at the foot of the Rhodope mountains.

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5/ Mall Markovo Tepe

Mall Markovo Tepe Plovdiv

The rooftop of a shopping mall might not seem like the perfect spot for a selfie, but this is an exceptional exception. Mall Markovo Tepe has one of the most amazing terraces in town, which offers a great opportunity for selfies and panoramic photos. Inside the mall, there is also a place where you can dine with a great view – Restaurant Victoria has a panoramic terrace where you can see two of the city’s hills at the same time!

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Now that you’ve learned about 5 of the sweetest panorama spots in Plovdiv, you are ready to go on a view-hunting adventure. Prepare your cameras and your walking shoes! And don’t forget that this is just the beginning…

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