The Perfect Wine Tour Around Plovdiv

In Bulgaria, making wine is an important tradition that goes back to the Thracian Culture. The Thracian tribes who inhabited the lands as far back as 4000 BC worshipped wine as a divine drink. If you love wine just as much as we Bulgarians do, here are a few stops on your perfect wine tour around Plovdiv!

Thracian Wine Valley

Plovdiv is located in the heart of the Thracian Valley and is literally surrounded by wineries. The wine region is famous for its red wine production and is home to the popular local grape – Mavrud.

If you’re keen on trying some amazing local wines, including Mavrud, treat yourself to the Urban Wine Trail – it’s free with Plovdiv City Card and features 4 degustations at locations in the centre of the city! Or scroll down for our recommendations for authentic wineries in the region…

Award Winning Wines

Bulgarian wines are the most awarded wines in Central and Eastern Europe. After becoming a part of the EU in 2007, a number of small and medium-sized boutique wineries began to appear on the Bulgarian wine map. The great quality of the wines is what gained Bulgaria recognition across Europe and worldwide. 

At the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2015, Bulgaria won 1 Grand Gold Medal, 14 Gold Medals and 22 Silver Medals, setting an impressive record.

Start your perfect wine tour around Plovdiv by visiting these amazing local wineries! 

1/ Villa Yustina Winery

Villa Yustina

Villa Yustina, picture source:

If you are looking for a memorable wine experience in Bulgaria then Villa Yustina is the place. The winery is located just 27 kilometres south of Plovdiv. You will no doubt fall in love with their vineyard park, hospitality, and their wines. Try their “Bulgarian blend” of the local grape varieties Mavrud and Rubin.

You can book different wine tasting packages. They include very informative tours of the whole cellar and vineyard. Try their wine tasting package ‘’Monogram”. It includes 4 wines to taste and appetizers. It costs just 23 euros. To book a wine tour get in touch with the winery via email:

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2/ Bendida Winery

Bendida Winery

Bendida Winery, picture source:

In the Bendida Winery, you can taste wine in an authentic environment. Bendida is a family run winery since 1936 who are known for their high-quality production of red and rose wines. The winery is located in the village of Brestovitsa, 18 km southwest of Plovdiv.

Why visit them? They don’t filter their red wines at all in order to preserve the natural taste and uniqueness of the wine. Make sure to try the Rubin variety wines which thrive best in the Brestovitsa region.

To arrange a wine tasting contact the winery via email at There are many options to choose from such as their amazing wine tasting menu with 5 wines, starters, a main course and dessert, all for just 50 lv (25 euros).

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3/ Starosel Wine and Spa Complex

Starosel Winery

Starosel Winery, picture source:

The Starosel Complex is a really unique place, located 50 km from Plovdiv in the village of Starosel. The complex has a hotel with amazing handmade furniture and interior and as for the restaurant – it offers genuine, traditional Bulgarian cuisine made only with bio products. The winery and the distillery are the highlights of the complex. 

Make sure to check out their wine tasting packages. They offer unique wine tasting experiences inside an underground room. The room resembles a Thracian temple. A tasting of 7 wines, appetizers and a walk around the cellar will cost you just 30 lv. You can book your wine tour by contacting the winery at

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4/ Dragomir Winery Estate

Dragomir Winery Estate, Plovdiv

Dragomir Winery Estate, Plovdiv

Dragomir Winery Estate is well known across Bulgaria and specializes in creating fine, high-quality wines. Their Pitos 2012 special reserve won a golden medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, 2016.

At the Dragomir Winery Estate, the wine is made by the owners themselves. If you want to know how different wines are made, how they ferment, in what vessels they age and of course how they taste – you can pay this incredible winery a visit.

Unique wine tasting experiences

There are 2 options for unique wine tasting experiences. The first includes tasting several wines, appetizers and a story about the wines and how they’re made. It costs as little as 25 lv which is just over 10 euros. The second option is a four-course dinner prepared by a chef. You can try 4 of their amazing wines. This option costs 65 lv – approximately 30 euros.

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5/ Todoroff Wine Residence

Todoroff Wine Residence

Todoroff Wine Residence, picture source:

The Wine Cellar

Todoroff Wine Cellar produces a variety of high-quality red wines from grape varieties such as Mavrud, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

The Residence

 The Todoroff Wine Residence is also located in the village of Brestovitsa. They have a very impressive complex which includes a hotel, restaurant, a wine cellar, and a Spa. You can taste delicious wines in a beautiful underground hall with unique decor and art.

To book a wine tasting, you can give them a call: +359 896 68 94 42. You have to state the desired tasting package, the number of guests, and the date and time you want. A tasting of 3 wines costs 14 lv. A tasting of 5 wines plus lunch or dinner costs 50 lv.

Here’s how to get there from the Tourist Information Centre >

By now you’re probably craving a glass of delicious wine. So if you want a unique and unforgettable wine tasting experience, then Plovdiv should be on the top of your list to visit next!

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