Coffee Lovers Guide: Where's The Best Coffee In Plovdiv?

If you’ve been to Plovdiv before you’d know that the coffee culture is a pretty big deal around here. It’s part of the famous locals’ ‘’ayliak’’ philosophy – meaning being chill, taking things easy and generally enjoying life. Drinking coffee here is also considered a bonding ritual. The citizens of Plovdiv love to be out and about in the city, socializing and catching up with friends at one of the many cafes. They enjoy a large spectrum of flavours: from rich aromatic blends or pure Arabica to exotic spiced lattes and more! So where are the best places to have coffee in Plovdiv? Find out with us below!

1/ Monkey House

Monkey House in Kapana Plovdiv

Monkey House in Kapana Plovdiv, picture source:

If you are in search of great coffee in Plovdiv, Monkey House is a good place to start. Located in the heart of the Kapana Creative District, this trendy bar serves some of the best coffee in town. There’s a nice outdoor area where you can sit and soak in the atmosphere of the city and it’s usually pretty crowded with locals who go there to have drinks and socialize. Besides the coffee, you can also enjoy a great selection of homemade lemonades, craft beers and cocktails.

Monkey House is rated #2 out of 13 best Coffee & Tea places in Plovdiv, according to TripAdvisor. We highly recommend their Flat White or any of their delicious daily baked sweets and pastries!

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2/ Dolce Fellini Pasticceria & Gelateria

Dolce Fellini in Plovdiv

Dolce Fellini in Plovdiv, picture source:

This incredible pasticceria takes the number one spot on TripAdvisor as the best place in town to have a coffee! We’re pretty sure it has something to do with the authentic Italian made coffee and the delicious pastries, ice creams and desserts. You can find Dolce Fellini located along the main pedestrian street in the centre, just opposite the Hemingway restaurant. Try their Sicilian cannoli with a nice double shot of espresso, you will not be disappointed. Bet you won’t be able to resist the macarons, too!

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3/ Dwell Coffee House

Dwell Coffee House Plovdiv

Dwell Coffee House Plovdiv, picture source:

This is one of those hidden gems in the centre of the city. According to visitors, Dwell Coffee House is the best place in town for a cappuccino. You can enjoy Espresso from local roaster “ Chucky’s “ and also there is some pour over or filter coffee. The friendly owners will make sure you enjoy your coffee break!

The coffee shop itself is very cosy and relaxing. It’s perfect for business, leisure and a date. It’s also pretty quiet so it’s great for doing some work on your laptop or studying.

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4/ Coffee&Gallery Cu29

Coffee and Gallery Cu29 in Kapana

Coffee and Gallery Cu29 in Kapana, picture source:

This charming coffee place use to be an old copper workshop and the unique decor certainly has proof of that. Coffee&Gallery Cu29 is located in the creative district of Kapana, which happens to be one of the trendiest places in town. The atmosphere here is very cosy, the music good and there is a nice sofa where you can really relax and enjoy your coffee.

The espresso, hot chocolate and lemonade are amongst the best things you try here. But that’s hardly all. You can also take advantage of the exhibitions and other events that take place there on a regular basis. 

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5/ Artnews Cafe

Artnewscafe in Plovdiv

Artnewscafe in Plovdiv, picture source:

This trendy place is the unofficial office for people without an office. That’s right! You’ll often see tourists and locals working on their laptops or reading at Artnews Cafe. It tends to be a quiet spot, with plenty of plugs and desk space. The internet is pretty fast and the coffee is good. Recommended for digital nomads travelling through or anyone who wants to get a chunk of work done in a cosy cafe environment.

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6/ Dzhumaya Turkish Coffee, Tea & Sweet House

Dzhumaya Cafe in Plovdiv

This central cafe is located in the Dzhumaya Square along the Main Pedestrian Street. During the warmer months, it’s the perfect place to sit down, enjoy some traditional Turkish coffee and just observe the people passing by. They offer a fantastic selection of Turkish sweets and deserts and along with the coffee you get sweetened rose water!

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7/ Yes For You

Yes For You Bakery, Plovdiv

Yes For You Bakery, picture source:

This cute looking venue is a bakery, a coffee bar and a place where you can enjoy freshly cooked food during the weekdays. If you find yourself strolling down the centre and are looking to grab some lunch and a quick coffee, Yes For You is the place. Their baked goodies (both salty and sweet) are simply delicious!

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8/ Raffy Bar & Gelato

Probably one of the most popular coffee spots in the city due to its central location. You can Raffy it on the Main pedestrian street just next to the Pelican fountain. Locals love to hang out there during the summer, just sitting outside and socializing with friends and family. The coffee is great and they offer some tasty sandwiches, breakfast and brunch options, fresh juices and ice cream.

Tip: Don’t miss their salads, pure deliciousness!

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Now that you know where the best coffee spots in Plovdiv are you can join the coffee culture here like a true local.  And don’t forget that coffee goes best with a delicious sweet treat!

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