Food Walk – Eat like a Bulgarian


Eat what the Bulgarians eat! The Food Walk manages to introduce show you some of Bulgarians' most famous foods. Feed not only your appetite, but also your brain with stories of Bulgarian customs and culture. Be a part of a small group, make new friends, learn where we buy our food from, have a passionate local guide at your service. And best of all - get a taste of Bulgaria.

The tour lasts 3 hours and includes:

  •  Try 12 authentic Bulgarian tastes - Banitsa, Lyutenitsa, Honey, Herbal infusions (tea), Yogurt, Rakia, Kyopolou, Katak, Lyutika, Babek, Karvavitsa, Lard.
  •  History of Bulgarian food
  •  History of Bulgaria and Plovdiv to understand Bulgarian food better
  • Visit the famous local market Thursday Market where you will practice some Bulgarian phrases to purchase vegetables on your own.
  • Visit an authentic modern restaurant, where you will taste different salads, rakia and traditional sausages (Babek & Karvavitsa). 


Tour duration: 3 hours

Starting point: Roman Stadium Square

Starting time: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 am.

Call for a reservation: +359 890 515 010


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