Taxis in Plovdiv

Taxis in Bulgaria are all painted bright yellow and are usually branded to a particular company. They charge by the kilometre, with an initial fee of anywhere up to 1 BGN.

Prices for Taxis in Plovdiv

  • Starting fee – 0.90 BGN
  • Day fare for per 1 km – 0.75 BGN
  • Night fare per 1 km – 0.85 BGN
  • Waiting fee per minute – 0.20 BGN

Calling a taxi: Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and roaming calls for member states are free of charge.

Recommended numbers

We advise that you make a phone call using some of the numbers listed below.

Traffic Taxi

Tel: +359 32 9999
Mobile app: Google Play / App Store

Eko Taxi

Tel: +359 32 6155; +359 877 506 155

Taxi 1

Tel: +359 32 6142; +359 800 1 6142
Mobile app: Google Play  / App Store 

Perfect Taxi

Tel: +359 32 6112; +359 879 366 112 

Average waiting time: The average waiting time for a taxi is around 4 – 5 minutes. Keep in mind that during rush hours and in bad weather it’s possible to connect with the taxi company slower and the car might take longer to arrive.

The average price for getting around Plovdiv: If you’re travelling around town, your average fare will most likely be around 4-5 BGN

What to look out for? All legalized taxi cars should have stickers with the price list of the service.

Where can you get a taxi? Taxis in Plovdiv often stop near bus stops, train stations, hospitals, universities and other state institutions.

Airport info: The average price from Plovdiv airport to the city centre varies between 12-15 BGN, depending on the time range and traffic.