Trakart Research Center Museum: Sell Point

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Trakart Museum Research Center is located on four floors, tracking the evolutionary development of our pre-existing cultures.

Here you can see a collection of fossils from 150 million years ago - fossils of flowers, fish, reptiles, flying animals and different species of trees.

Presented in the museum are also 25 sculptures and masks of African art from the country of Dogon, as well as a collection of ceramic vessels and figures of the ancient Thracians from 5000-4650 BC.

Trakart Museum Research Center also houses an exhibition of ceramic polychrome and monochrome vessels, grey Thracian ceramics, jewellery, medical instruments, arrows and spears. Here you'll find exhibited the only officially registered in Plovdiv private collections of Trakart-2000 Foundation and Sbirka Vatevi.


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